Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer '08 starts out with a splash!

After 2 visits to 2 different beaches...on both the east coast and west coast of Florida..., we've determined that Savannah, like her mommy, is a pool girl and is allergic to salty windy air. I truly am allergic...I sneeze, tear up and itch at the beach. Savannah tears up, but it's more out of fear and hatred of the entire beach scene than allergies.

Every year we travel to Cape Coral, FL to visit Stephen's family for Memorial Day Weekend. It was Savannah's first ever flight. Aside from exclaiming, "airplane! airplane! airplane!" for 45 minutes while we waited at the gate to board our flight, she handled herself like a pro. Savannah just wanted to make sure that every person on that flight knew that she knew that there were airplanes outside. We were very excited to learn that the pool at Granddaddy's house was a pleasant 84 degrees...perfect when the outside temps are in the low 90's. Savannah swam every day we were there and even got to jumping off the side of the pool all by herself..ie I didn't have to hold her hands while she jumped. Unfortunately, I only got 1 decent picture since I needed to be in the pool with her.

After breakfast the morning we were going home, Savannah sat on my lap, said some sort of 2-year old babble I couldn't understand which ended in the word "pool". I told that we would have to say "bye-bye" to the pool today. She looked at me, stuck out that bottom lip and let out an emphatic, "NO!" She wiggled out of my arms and proceeded to removed her dress followed by her diaper...right there in the kitchen! Needless to say, we got in the pool one last time before heading out for the airport.

We had a great trip and got to meet the newest Barnetts -- Aidan and Emily. They were so good and so sweet. Aidan looks just like his daddy and Emily is her mommy through and through. Savannah didn't like it too much when I took pictures of the twins, but I got a few.

This past weekend, we met up with my sister and my beautiful niece at my aunt Brencie's house. It was Skylar's first swim and she amazed me! I thought Savannah was a champ last year, but Skylar takes the cake! Look at how chill she was in the pool...and didn't even fuss when I (being the cruel, mean aunt that I am) gave her a good dunk. She just looked at me like, "what did you go and do that for, lady?" and happily went back to her mommy.

Check out these feet!!!

Okay...that should be enough for another 2 weeks or so :)