Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Update

Dear, God. Please reassure me that my daughter has not dropped the weekend nap for good. Amen.

It's good little sleeper did not nap this weekend (unless you count the 30 minute snooze in the car at 3:00 - after we tried for an hour and a half for a real nap at home - on the way to Barrett Parkway (Hell in and of itself) yesterday). I apologize for the super run-on sentence. Walton High educators (and Liz) are cringing right now.

While this weekend was a no go for a nap, Savannah did AWESOME with potty training. I'm ashamed to admit we haven't really actively potty trained. At day-care, they take her to the potty every hour and her daily report card pretty much tells us that she refuses to pee-pee or otherwise on the potty. However, on Friday, Miss Jill informed us that she went pee-pee on the potty every time and her pull-up stayed dry all day.

Let's back up to Wednesday night. Savannah opened her new dresser drawer only to discover Dora panties. I'm not certain she really understood what that meant, but hey, they were Dora, what else did she need to know? We decided to pull a pair on over her nighttime pull-up and then PJs over that. Little did we know until Thursday morning, that she had removed her PJ bottoms, the Dora panties and the pull-up and then pulled the Dora panties back on and her PJ bottoms on top. The cool thing...we only discovered this when Stephen took to her to the potty and alas there was no pull-up. She had stayed dry all night!!! Fast forward to Thursday night and we dressed her the same way and put her to bed. This night, however, I watched the video monitor (yes, I know, I need to cut the strings and be done with the video monitor at this point, but I'm Mom and I can do what I want so there!). And again, she pulled off everything and then attempted to redress herself on to fail miserably this time. So I went in to help. Since she successfully pee-peed on the potty before bedtime, I allowed her to sleep in only her Dora panties and PJs again...and again she stayed dry all night...woohoo!

So...seeing as Miss Jill told us on Friday that she was successful all day at the potty, we decided to give it a whirl this weekend. Savannah had only 1 accident at home on Saturday and the rest of the day told me every time she needed to go (and we were out and about all day Saturday). I did keep a pull-up on her as we ran errands, but she still told me she needed to go and went she did each time. The only time the pull-up came in handy was for #2 after her 30 minute car nap. So Saturday was a success! On to Sunday...again, she stayed dry all night, told me each time she needed to go and went successfully each time. My only drastic mistake...allowing her to nap in only the Dora panties. Let's just say those Dora panties did not survive and thank God for curbside trash pickup.

I won't take pictures of Savannah on the potty (you're welcome)...not only will I not take those pictures, I would never post them if I did. Although today, she discovered my 14-year old rooster slippers...thanks, Lee Cullum for these hideous things wherever you may be now. She insisted on wearing them...and even wore them on the potty. It was pretty hysterical to watch her walk in them...just think of a scuba diver walking in their fins. So here's a picture of Savannah in my rooster slippers...sans potty.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gingerbread House

Today after Savannah's nap, we decorated a gingerbread house. I don't think I've ever actually decorated a gingerbread house before. I found a pre-baked, not to mention, pre-constructed, gingerbread house at Costco on Saturday. It comes with all the fixin's (although we added candy canes and Jelly Bellys) no baking gingerbread and I didn't lose my patience and throw the darn thing out the window trying to construct 4 walls and a roof with frosting...(that part would be the Davis in me).

I plan to make this an annual tradition with Savannah (and Gage). I was very surprised (although not really) that Savannah didn't want to eat the candy or lick the frosting. I offered her a gum drop, which she chewed on and then spit out. She ate most of a mini candy cane. But what really did shock me was that she didn't even attempt to put one Jelly Belly in her mouth...this is the same girl who fell in love with jelly beans this past Easter and I've been guilty of using them as bribes every now and again when she's not in the mood for mommy to comb her hair.

The bare naked house...

Mommy would "glue" and Savannah decorated...

The finished product:

Not too shabby :-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Too early for Santa?

We took Savannah to see Santa on Saturday...yes, it's early...I mean, it's not even Thanksgiving yet! But we're on a very limited schedule with my due date being right after Thanksgiving. And seeing as last year resulted in a total meltdown (What can one expect from an 18 month old Mommy's girl with stranger anxiety...and who could blame her either???), we didn't want to risk that Stephen might have to take Savannah to visit Santa by himself.

I still think it's WAY TOO early to blog about Savannah's visit with Santa, however, we hardly ever see her without pony tails and she was just way too cute (and too grown up looking for my liking), not to post at least one picture of her in her Santa duds.

More on her interaction with Santa in a later post. But, until then, enjoy the pictures if you so choose :-)