Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Santa...the prequel

Yesterday Savannah and I headed over to meet Santa Clause at the Shoppe of Vinings. We have taken Savannah to the Phipps Plaza Santa for the last 3 years and still have our reservation for this year's visit next week. Last year she didn't disappoint, but with the Disney trip still in recent memory, we wanted to make sure she was not going to turn, run and scream this year. She did great!

Lots of hugs.

My only guess is that Aunt Melanie taught her this one..."Flash Santa and you'll get more toys." Yeah, that sounds like something Aunt Mel would teach her :-) Let's hope she keeps her dress down next week...I don't think the nice folks at Phipps will look too kindly on this type of behavior.

This is what Gage thought of me leaving him home while Savannah got to schmooze the big guy.

But he's always quick to forgive. It helps too that Savannah made sure to put in Gage's request for a train table.

Monday, November 2, 2009

This year we took flight

Gage's first Halloween! While Savannah wanted Gage to be a pirate, we opted for NASA Commander.

Savannah decided this summer that she would be Tinkerbell. We weren't sure she really understood what she was saying, but every time we asked what she wanted to be for Halloween, we got the same response, "Tinkerbell!" My mom keeps asking why we have not posted Disney pictures yet...well, I didn't want to give away Savannah's costume. Disney pictures will come soon!