Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alright, already!

Since there hasn't been a blog since February, I've been hearing it from everyone, "Where are pictures of those babies???" For you, here you go...pictures...
Zoo Atlanta in early March

Gage started walking in late February...now he doesn't sit still for a minute.

Cousins, Brooke and Laura, hosted an Easter Egg and Scavenger Hunt for Savannah, Skylar, and Gage at The Werners'. Thank, ladies!

Sorry, Brooke, I didn't have any pictures with you in them...I'll get you next time!

Easter Sunday at Zoo Atlanta

Gage in the giant bird's nest.

Easter Egg Hunt #3 at The Bergstroms'...thanks for hosting! This was not a sourpuss face...this is the face of a mouth full of jellybeans!

Annual Mother's Day at Amelia Island.

Fun with Daddy in the waves.

Jacksonville Zoo...feeding the giraffes.

Savannah's first ballet recital...Candyland!

Had to include Gage at some point...boy do these two love each other! As you can see, this boy needs a haircut!

And so, Gage's first haircut. Most of the rest of these pictures were taken with the iPhone...

Georgia Aquarium

June 24-27 Martin Family Reunion, Lexington, KY
Savannah meeting a horse at Taylor Made Farms.

More love at lunch...forget where we were.

Savannah and her Great Aunt Joyce at Spendthrift Farm.

Spendthrift Farm

Jean Farris Winery and Bistro

Papa Jim with all his grandbabies...Savannah, Aiden, Emily, and Gage

Gage not loving it so much. At ??? Distillery.

Emily and Savannah

This is for the Martins. I'll refrain my "Go Dawgs, Sic 'em!" comment. Oh, wait, no, I can't do that :-)

Gage is such a goofball. He keeps us laughing.

Fourth of July!

Gage, meet Jonathan. Jonathan, Gage.

Gage caught Jonathan by surprise when he laid one on him!

The fam...

And finally...our biggest news of the year...we're moving from Atlanta to Charlotte at the end of the month!!! We decided to build (again). We hope to be in before Thanksgiving (especially since we're getting kicked out of our apartment the day before Thanksgiving!).

Thanks to Eugene for taking these pictures!!!

We're SO EXCITED to have a really big, flat backyard!!!