Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stone Mountain Park

Today we journeyed to Stone Mountain Park. We started with a Sky Bucket ride to the top of the mountain. In all my 30+ years in Atlanta, I've ridden the sky bucket at Stone Mountain twice...the first time was about 3 years ago when Stephen was hosting an associate from one of our Indian offices. Second time was today. Anyone who knows me knows I FEAR the sky bucket...whether at Six Flags, Busch Gardens, doesn't matter. But riding to the top of the mountain is the most frightening experience for me. I was crouched low and closed my eyes, while my fearless 2-year old giggled and played with daddy the whole way up. I definitely prefer the 1.3 mile walk up!

Once we ascended, we walked around the top of the mountain for a little bit. Savannah was AMAZED at the plethora of rocks at the top. Who knew pebbles at the top of a huge piece of granite could be so amusing???

How big is this rock? "Soooooo big!"

Family photo!

After we safely made it back down to planet Earth, we headed for the train. Savannah has only been on the train at Zoo Atlanta (booorrrrrring!) and at the Jacksonville Zoo (maybe a step above Zoo Atlanta, but that's about it). She was very excited to ride a "real" train. Here are a few pictures, but it's very difficult to take pictures on a moving, rickety choo-choo (so rickety, in fact, they actually have a rule "No pregnant women". I sucked it in and boarded, but realized by the end why they have that rule!

"Mommy, no matter how many times you tell me to look at the horsies, I cannot see any horsies!!!"

Daddy and Savannah riding the train.


"It's loud."

Getting sleepy.

After the train ride, Savannah decided to take off her shirt. We still have no clue why. This was a first for us.

After our exciting morning, we topped off our Saturday with our friend and neighbor's 4th birthday party. Savannah had a great time playing with her friends, swinging and doing tumbles with Sophie.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Playroom Grand Opening

Last night was the Grand Unveiling of Savannah's new playroom. Stephen wins the Best Daddy Award this week. He has given up his office space not once, but twice for our kiddos. He was first booted from the office in 2006 when we turned it into Savannah's nursery. He re-built camp in the formal living room. And now, 2 years later, he has given up this space to make way for a brand new playroom. Stephen worked so hard on this playroom...12 total coats of paint (that's 6 coats of magnetic, 2 coats of chalkboard, 2 coats of blue sky and 2 coats on the chair rail. He also hung the chair rail, installed the floor, put together 2 bookshelves, stenciled both Savannah's and Gage's names on the wall and added more fun stencils around their names. He also "made" the fun magnets for the creativity wall.

So last night we invited Sophie and her mommy and daddy over for dinner and to break in the new playroom. Here are the girls enjoying some reading/singing/dress-up time in the playroom. This is Sophie singing her ABC's and Savannah pipes in every now and then...

That's Savannah sticking her finger in my lens and asking, "what's this?"

Monday, September 1, 2008

John Popper, eat your heart out

Savannah's harmonica debut. She's been trying for a year to make the harmonica make noise. Up until this weekend, she puts the instrument to her mouth and hums the tune. Stephen finally learned the trick...tell her to blow on it like it's hot...and whalah! She's a natural, well, maybe not :)

And here are a few from today. Stephen and I have been busy preparing for Baby Gage. The first step is moving the playroom to the living room so that we can move Savannah to her "big girl" room and then finally free up the nursery for an overhaul. Today Stephen started painting the playroom, and in Savannah's 2-year way insisted, "I do it" and so we painted....

On our way up to bed, Savannah spotted Shadow lounging on the she wanted to do it just like Shadow.