Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend started with a trip to the zoo. It's a Zoo Atlanta tradition to have an egg hunt for the gorillas. Last year we were too late for the egg hunt and this year...too early. Apparently they do it around 2:30. Oh, well, maybe one year when neither child is napping, we'll see the gorillas in action. While the gorillas are typically pretty active in the mornings, we don't usually get to see them up close and personal. However, there was one female gorilla feasting on cantaloupe and pacing back and forth in front of the glass. Savannah, "She's eating cantaloupe? She's eating cantaloupe, Mommy. She's eating cantaloupe, Daddy. She's eating cantaloupe?"

After the zoo, we heading over the V.E. Easter Egg Hunt. There were 3 hunts for 3 different age groups and since Savannah falls in the 2 and under division, she fared well at the hunt. Savannah saw a lot of her neighborhood friends at the festivities, but was pretty darn excited to see her friend, Emerson, from school.

Savannah and Emerson

Savannah's friend, Nate...isn't he handsome???

After all the excitement of the morning, Savannah was tuckered out and took a nice, long nap. Woohoo! These days, bedtime is quite a chore -- Savannah comes out of her room several times, cries, whines, demands water, her easter eggs and anything else she can come up with that she "NE-EEDS" (insert whiny voice here). So Saturday night, Stephen explained very calmly that the Easter Bunny was coming to bring her gifts, but if she made any noise, she would scare the Easter Bunny away and he wouldn't leave her any toys. She didn't make a peep...not while brushing her teeth or going potty or while Stephen read books...nothing. She stayed in her room and fell right to sleep. I sorta wish the Easter Bunny came every night, but I guess that wouldn't be effective for very long.

Sunday morning came and since we're not church-goers, the morning was quite relaxing. Savannah was very excited to see what the Easter Bunny left for her. Here's the loot for both kiddos.

Savannah is so sweet to her baby brother. This was not staged.

In classic Stephen style, he got up, showered and went downstairs to start the pancakes. Aren't they soooo pretty?!?!?! They were tasty too! Savannah and I ate them ALL!

Finally Savannah got to play with her bubbles. Bubbles have made a huge comeback in our house as of late. Savannah can't get enough and asks us almost daily if we can go outside to play with the bubbles. Stephen found this nifty bubble wand. It really makes a ton of bubbles!

Here's Gage with his eggs. And below Gage is a picture of Savannah's first Easter. She was about 9 1/2 months old here.

Then we headed out front and took some family pictures.
Daddy and Gage

Daddy and his kiddos

Poor Gage...just a couple hours after these pictures, we realized that he had a pretty high temperature and felt awful. He just wanted to snuggle on my chest and rest his head. Poor little guy just moaned. I'm happy to report, however, that Dr. B says it was just a virus and so no antibiotics were necessary. He stayed home with me yesterday and was back to his talkative self this morning.

Guess who took this one??? Savannah got a hold of my camera remote and took several pictures like this.

And our family of four.

Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Morning at the park

I have so much photo blogging to catch up on. Springtime in Atlanta is always so beautiful and I tend to have my camera with me at all times. I love the girls in their spring dresses and seeing the boys in their "Sunday best".

Last weekend, Savannah and I met up with Sophie and Susana for a repeat day at the Smyrna Village park. It was a year almost to the day that we took the girls for a springtime photo shoot. They were so cute last year!!! They were cute this year too of course, but much more aware of the cameras, more mobile and independent. This pretty much sums up the day for my shooting...

The girls had fun and I guess that is all that really matters.

This one just reminds me of a children's clothing catalog...maybe it's just the way they are standing. And, yep, I made Savannah's dress...just like last year's dress. Before you think I actually have that kind of time on my hands, I have to admit that I made both dresses before Savannah was even conceived. I figured if I didn't ever have a girl, I do have some cutie pie nieces who would wear them.

Savannah likes the gazebo at this park.

Just me having some fun with some new stuff.

The girls finally stood still long enough to collect acorns

...and embrace in that oh so sweet toddler hug.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gage is 4 months old!

Weight: 15 pounds, 5 ounces
Height: 25 inches
Adorableness: off the charts

Dr. B says Gage is doing great, but we already knew that :-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paas...a family tradition

Being the weekend before Easter, and knowing that our Easter weekend dance card was already full, Savannah and I decided to begin our newest family tradition a week early - dying Easter eggs!!! I hadn't dyed eggs in I don't know how many years so I was a little weary since I seem to remember not doing it often and probably because it has the potential of becoming a huge mess. Nevertheless, I could not pass up the Paas display at Publix the weekend before last. I gave Savannah the choice...tie-dyed or animals...and therefore, the choice was obvious...animals it was!

We had fun after finally figuring our which cups would work best for submerging the eggs in the dye (kiddie cups from Outback). The Paas kit still comes with the same little metal dipper thingy that came with the kits when I was a kid.

Savannah enjoyed watching the tablets fizzle in the vinegar and thought I was crazy for letting her drop the eggs in these cups.

But she loved the results!

Here's our little zoo.

And Savannah added the finishing touches of animal stickers.

There was so much more to the weekend...Gage turned 4 months old on Friday and had his 4 month well visit on Monday. That will be for another post. Savannah FINALLY got her hair cut on Saturday...she's been asking us to take her for weeks! On Sunday, Savannah and I met up with Sophie and her mommy at the park and took lots of fun Spring pictures of the girls. That will have to be for another post too since I'll have to include comparison pictures from when we took the girls to the same park this time last year.